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1. The ecovillage needs help from all residents to maintain the facilities and investigate options e.g. transport, sporting facilities etc.  If you have time please contact the membership coordinator.
2. Please keep your Profiles up to date and let administrators know if you change your email address.

Live video stream:
Beach head at Currumbin

Surfwatch - what's going on at Currumbin

Click on the above image to see live streaming of what's happening at Currumbin Beach right now. Streamed from CoastWatch website.

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News from around the world

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BBC News - Home
Oct 23, 2014 Canada 'not intimidated' by attacks
Oct 22, 2014 Military heads admit Afghan mistakes
Oct 23, 2014 Mystery of giant arm dinosaur solved
Oct 22, 2014 Mexico orders Iguala mayor's arrest
Oct 22, 2014 Jerusalem car 'attack' kills baby
Oct 22, 2014 Obama 'optimistic' over Ebola in US
Oct 23, 2014 India's Modi to see Kashmir floods
Oct 22, 2014 Four guilty of Blackwater killings
Oct 22, 2014 DNA yields secrets of human pioneer
Oct 22, 2014 VIDEO: Military reburials for WW1 soldiers

Feed provided by: | The World
Oct 23, 2014 Canada shooting: PM vows revenge
Oct 23, 2014 ‘I asked a handsome guard for a photo’
Oct 22, 2014 Terror in Canada as gunman opens fire
Oct 22, 2014 Hero who saved Canadian MPs
Oct 22, 2014 Months needed to control Ebola
Oct 22, 2014 Blackwater guards found guilty
Oct 22, 2014 Gunman killed at parliament
Oct 22, 2014 Woman rips apart ATM with bare hands
Oct 22, 2014 Kim ‘ordered US detainee release’
Oct 22, 2014 MH370 alert: Look out for debris
Oct 22, 2014 Maids embroiled in Bali man’s slaying
Oct 22, 2014 Oscar ‘can’t kill someone like that’
Oct 22, 2014 NATO intercepts Russian jets
Oct 22, 2014 Trick to catching a time traveller
Oct 22, 2014 Coma conman caught out at shops
Oct 22, 2014 Gym teacher on 30 rape charges
Oct 22, 2014 King Tut unmasked: He’s no pretty boy
Oct 22, 2014 Kate shakes off sickness to debut bump
Oct 22, 2014 Watergate editor Ben Bradlee dead
Oct 21, 2014 US’s embarrassing mistake in IS war
Oct 21, 2014 CEO killed in drunken plane crash
Oct 21, 2014 Dead babies found in storage locker
Oct 21, 2014 Soldier dies after terror attack
Oct 21, 2014 North Korea frees US detainee
Oct 21, 2014 US limits airports for African flyers

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