9 September 2015

posted 8 Sept 2015, 17:28 by EcovillageHub Administrator   [ updated 8 Sept 2015, 17:29 ]
First of all please check your dishwasher tablets and detergents, they need to be phosphate free. We've seen a steady increase in the levels of phosphorous in our treated water, and dishwasher tabs are the main cause. Some are >30% phosphate!

Second, there is extra liquid entering the sewer system in the creek flats. If you have a leaking toilet, I'd really like to know that, and your ETA for fixing it.

So I know this has been actioned, please respond with your lot number and ok in the title to mattbinney@hotmail.com. Responses are kept in confidence.

EG Lot 115 OK
or lot 115 leak
or Lot 115 Phos

For those new, and not so new to the village, please review the attached documents.

Matt Binney
WWTP Manager