15 June 2015

posted 24 Aug 2015, 16:48 by EcovillageHub Administrator   [ updated 25 Aug 2015, 00:52 ]
Just a couple of reminders about the Community Centre.
* If you use the pizza oven please make sure you clean up after yourselves. The last few weeks there has been dirty pizza plates and utensils left in the sink besides the pizza oven.
* If you use the kitchen, either the small one or the larger kitchen, any items or utensils that you have used needs to be placed back where they come from. There have been many times that items are left out either in the drying rack or on the benches.
* Can all parents make sure that their kids don't use trikes or any carrying toys to cart sand to other areas of the community centre other than the sandpit area. This creates a mess to clean up and also displaces sand from the sand pit area.
Thank you for your co operation